Woodys Treelings performing thai chi
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Artful Autumn: Woody Fox Willow

Woody has created a group of Treelings which can be found in the Natural Area. He tells us about the materials he uses for his figures, where he got his inspiration and how he feels seeing his artworks on display in the Gardens.
22 September 2017
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Artist's background

Woody has exhibited widely across the UK and abroad. He uses natural materials such as willow and dogwood for his sculptures and his work has a quirky, humorous quality.

'Treelings' Woody Fox Willow's willow people


The Treelings he has created for Artful Autumn are plant-like beings practicing tai chi. The willow sculptures are a cross between plants and people and are intended to show the connection between humans and the plant world.

His inspiration for the figures is the connection between humans and nature—that joy of walking in the woods in Autumn.

Why Kew?

When Woody was asked to put forward a proposal for environmental sculptures, he didn't hold out much hope of being selected as he mostly makes animal sculptures. He was overjoyed to have his Treelings chosen to be on display at Kew.

The result

Woody feels that it's an honour to show his work at Kew Gardens. He's really pleased with how the Treelings look in their environment and wants visitors to stumble across the creatures, as though they have just appeared from the surrounding trees.

Woody hopes people will join in with their daily tai chi and is looking forward to seeing photos of the Treelings tagged with #ArtfulAutumn.