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Artful Autumn: Nigel Ross

Nigel has six wooden sculptures along Cedar Vista, made to be sat on and enjoyed. We asked him how he became inspired to create sculptures from fallen trees, why he decided to exhibit at Kew and how he feels seeing his sculptures in the Gardens.
13 September 2017
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Artist's background

Nigel is a self-taught sculptor whose art has developed naturally from a life working with trees. He learned the skills of tree surgery in the parks of London, then spent several years as a forest contractor fencing, planting and harvesting trees in the hills of Arran in Scotland. He seeks to save tree trunks from logging and planking, sculpting them into large abstract organic forms.


His inspiration comes from an interest in Celtic and Pictish culture as well as contemporary art. Much of his work is functional sculpture and his benches have been commissioned throughout Britain and Europe as well the USA and Canada.

Why Kew?

Nigel didn't need any persuasion to apply to participate in Artful Autumn at Kew as he felt it was the right environment to show his work. His art is largely inspired by nature, trees and the landscape.

The result

He's very happy with how his work looks at Kew.  He hopes visitors will appreciate the pieces as art but also as resting places to sit and enjoy the Gardens and the autumn experience.