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Artful Autumn: Claudia Wegner

Claudia Wegner's four large fungi paintings hang from trees in the Natural Area. Claudia tells us about her passion for fungi and how her paintings show their beauty and complexity.
22 September 2017
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Artist's background

Claudia Wegner is an Austrian painter, ceramicist and mycologist based in Scotland. She uses a variety of mediums in her work, ranging from traditional oil paint to wood, clay and anything recyclable.

Painting of Trametes versicolor by Claudia Wegner

Painting of Trametes versicolor by Claudia Wegner


Claudia's work is influenced by the environmental issues that we face in society. She's passionate about the elusive world of fungi and their medicinal properties and aims to unveil their hidden beauty, which she highlights in her large, detailed paintings.

The result

Claudia has created a series of large paintings of medicinal fungi. The artworks showcase the complexity of fungi - the beauty and benefits of which are often neglected. 

Her work shows complex and intriguing structures which remain hidden to the human eye. Claudia hopes to fascinate Kew's visitors by showing the beauty of fungi in a fusion of art and science.