Gender pay gap

Like all organisations of 250 or more employees, we are required to report annually on our gender pay gap.

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2021 gender pay gap report

We published our fourth annual gender pay gap report in April 2021. In the report, we confirm that we have a mean gender pay gap of 12.64% and a median of 10.87%.

Kew’s gender pay gap is largely a result of a higher concentration of women in more junior grades, where pay is lower, and fewer female staff in the most senior grades.

Reducing the pay gap at Kew

We are continuing to do everything possible to ensure that everyone is treated fairly and equally while working at Kew.

We actively support women to work at Kew or return to work from maternity or adoption leave, removing barriers and utilising a range of flexible working options available for all employees. We equally offer these opportunities to men, to enable all employees to fulfil their caring responsibilities irrespective of gender.

We will continue to monitor pay to identify pay differences, for example in 2018 Kew carried out a short form Equal Pay Audit, and monitors starting salaries. Kew will act, where appropriate, and where budget and pay constraints allow.

We will use results to assess levels of gender equality and the balance of men and women at different levels, and review data on recruitment and promotion.

In 2018 we launched a mentoring scheme to support career development.

We launched our first Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy in 2020, setting out our key priorities to ensure Kew is an inclusive employer.

We are also preparing to submit an application for Athena SWAN accreditation.

Read the 2021 gender pay gap report