Unwind with new Kew Gardens wellbeing programme

Release date: 6 April 2021

  • Rare chance to cycle through UNESCO World Heritage site
  • Fitness boot camp with beautiful backdrop
  • Yoga in world’s largest Victorian glasshouse
  • Pilates in stunning Nash Conservatory
  • Forest bathing in world-famous Arboretum
  • Tai Chi in Mediterranean Garden
Yoga in the Temperate House
Yoga, Temperate House © RBG Kew

After a challenging year spent mostly in the confines of our homes, it’s time to head outdoors and let nature regenerate and refresh our minds, bodies and souls. With summer peeping around the corner, RBG Kew is introducing a brand-new programme of wellbeing events, all set to take place across the breath-taking landscape of Kew’s UNESCO World Heritage site.

Since Covid-19 struck, we have learnt how incredibly important nature is for our mental and physical well-being. Our bodies are designed to move – to breathe and to stretch – and our minds need to be soothed by natural beauty. What better place, therefore, than Kew Gardens, to relax and unwind with bespoke wellbeing sessions?

Whether you're seeking mindful moments or looking to work up a sweat, our programme offers classes both designed for ‘me-time’, as well as those aimed at the whole family. Let our landscapes and historic buildings re-energise you.

All sessions will be COVID-19 secure and will adhere to government guidance at the time.

Forest bathing

From 30 April – full dates and times
£60 (includes entrance to the Gardens and 20% discount on restaurants) – full pricing

Calm your body and mind with our relaxing forest bathing sessions.

Inspired by the Japanese art of Shinrin-yoku, forest bathing takes the form of a slow, sensory woodland walk alongside an expert guide who will help you disconnect from the stresses of everyday life.

Immerse yourself in the green world of our Pinetum and clear your head, relax deeply, and improve your sleep.

Organised in partnership with the Forest Bathing Institute.

Kew fitness

From 19 May – full dates and times
£32.50 (includes entrance to Gardens) full pricing

Wake up and move with our blood-pumping fitness bootcamp sessions!

Bootcamp sessions are an outdoor full-body workout, similar to circuit training. Bootcamp uses a variety of bodyweight exercises and interval-style training to build up strength and stamina and burn calories. 

Each session uses minimal to no equipment, making full use of the landscape around you instead.

Friendly, motivational instructors will provide modified exercises to suit all fitness levels. 

And for the whole family…Family fun fit

From 26 July - full dates and times
Adult, £32.50, child £27.50 (includes entrance to the Gardens and 20% discount on restaurants) full pricing

Our friendly and motivational instructors make full use of the great outdoors with a fitness session designed for children's growing bodies. 

Family Fun Fit sessions combine circuits, skills and games, plus interactive elements for families to enjoy together. Classes are specially designed for the beautiful biodiverse landscape of Kew Gardens.

Tai chi

From 4 June – full dates and times
£35 (includes entrance to the Gardens and 20% discount on restaurants) – full pricing

Boost your physical and mental wellbeing with the centuries-old Chinese martial art, tai chi, in Kew’s stunning Mediterranean Garden.

During this wellbeing session, you will be doing standing meditation, joint loosening exercises, and two traditional tai chi movement routines.

Summer cycle

From 21 June – full dates and times
Adult £20, Child £10 - full pricing

Join us in celebration of summer with a magical evening bike ride.

As bicycles are not usually allowed in the Gardens, this is a unique opportunity for you to explore Kew’s most beautiful spots with friends and family.

Take in the enchanted woodlands and beautiful blooms, stop for a picnic or summer drink and listen to live music, smell the aroma of the Rose Garden as the sun begins to set.

Our Gardens come alive when you're on two wheels…

Temperate House yoga

From 22 June - full dates and times
£45 (includes entrance to the Gardens and 20% discount on restaurants) – full pricing

Rise and shine with an early-morning yoga session in Kew’s crowning jewel, the glorious Temperate House.

Beat the rush of our day visitors, and even our staff, with this pre-opening class in the world’s largest surviving Victorian glasshouse.

The one-hour vinyasa flow will be held in the midst of 10,000 rare and endangered plants, and led by Kew's own yoga instructor. 

After your session, why not take a relaxing walk through our landscape before enjoying a hot drink and breakfast in one of our restaurants?


From 26 July - full dates and times
£40.00 (includes entrance to the Gardens and 20% discount on restaurants) – full pricing

Tone your body in our historic 19th century Nash Conservatory with our special Pilates sessions. 

Floor-to-ceiling windows flood our spacious conservatory with natural daylight, bringing you relaxing views of the Gardens. 


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