Easter at Kew Gardens

Saturday 6 – Monday 22 April 2019

Release date: 19 March 2019

  • Special programmes for families to enjoy over the Easter holidays

  • Kids can discover areas of the Gardens perfect for playing and exploring nature

Activities for families

The Tower of Colour

Through a series of workshops, visitors to the Gardens can learn about the light and colour spectrums, and how they help plants to survive. While decorating ornaments with UV pens, and planting take-home seeds, demonstrations with colour changing torches will unpack the composition of white light. Visitors will be invited to add their ornaments to an eye-catching architectural structure, which will become increasingly colourful as the Easter holidays go on.

Chihuly Family Trail (13 – 22 April)

For families visiting the Chihuly at Kew exhibition, a fun and interactive, specially illustrated trail will take visitors around the Gardens, encouraging children to engage with and respond to the Chihuly artworks.

Story-telling in the Davies Exploration House (every Sunday at 1, 2, and 3pm)

Settle down for story time and learn about the fascinating relationship between people and plants. Over the Easter break, families can learn about cocoa and biodiversity in ‘The journey from beans to chocolate.’ Afterwards, visit Cocoa trees in the Palm House and Princess of Wales Conservatory.

The Natural Area at Kew

Badger Sett

Explore the secret underground world of badgers in our human-sized sett, which reflects the real badger setts we have here at Kew. Great for kids and big kids alike, go through the giant entrances into a warren of tunnels that connect the food stores, sleeping chambers and nests.

Woodland Walk

Families can spot wildlife on this raised trail through the Natural Area. At the beginning of the trail there are bug hotels where ladybirds, centipedes, beetles and other creatures can often be found looking for a place to stay. In spring, find native bluebells, wild garlic, and snowdrops on the ground.

Log Trail

Children can test their balancing skills as they hop and skip across this natural log trail winding its way through the trees. The trail is made from storm-felled trees that have been put to use as a fun outdoor play area.


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Notes to Editors

About Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
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