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Seed collecting and use for restoration and re-introduction

8 July 2014, 9am to 3pm

This training day will review the science and practice of collecting, preservation and use of high-quality seed samples for subsequent multiplication ex situ.
Event details: 
Facilitator: Michael Way from the Millennium Seed Bank

Wakehurst Place, West Sussex


£100.00 / £75.00 Concessions are available to employees and volunteers with charities, parish councils, full-time students and those not economically active.

Wild flower meadow
Wild flowers at Wakehurst

Using semi-natural habitats at Wakehurst Place, seed will be collected and quality-assessed by participants in the Millennium Seed Bank laboratories.

During the afternoon, grassland enhancement techniques and initial results will be demonstrated. Seed specification, sowing rates, site preparation, seed sowing, plug planting and conservation management, including grazing, will be considered.

Details of bookings and fees can be found here by clicking the Book Now button or by emailing Flora Locale at Flora Locale is committed to promoting and supporting good practice in ecological restoration projects.


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