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Bringing in the Hay Festival

9 August 2014 to 10 August 2014, 10am to 6pm

Come to Wakehurst to see traditional harvesting skills in action.

UK Native Seed Hub (opposite the Millennium Seed Bank) and Bloomer’s Valley


Included with entry to Wakehurst.

Photo of two horses harrowing a hay meadow
Celandine and Alice harrowing a hay meadow

Traditional harvesting skills in action including hay-making, working horses and birds of prey displays. 

Course: Orchids for Beginners

Join us on this one-day beginners' course on 18 February 2015 to learn how to grow beautiful orchids in your own home.

A selection of photos of orchids from Kew's 2013 Orchid Festival

Course: Growing orchids from seed

Join us on this one-day course on 19 February 2015 to find out how to grow orchids from seed you've collected yourself.