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Birds of prey at Wakehurst

28 June 2014 to 29 June 2014, 9am to 3pm

A chance to see an amazing falconry display at close range

Included with entry to Wakehurst

Photo of a barn owl
Barn owl by Johan Doe (Creative Commons)

A chance to see Huxley's Birds of Prey perform an amazing flying display with an opportunity to meet and handle the birds, including barn owls, hawks, falcons and eagle owls. As well as flying the birds, they are available to be viewed close up and handled. There is plenty of opportunity for photographs as well.

IGPOTY Collection 8 book

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Penstemon flowering in an isolated spot around Crater Lake in Oregon with the lake and stunning sunset showing in the background. (Photo: Dennis Frates)

Talks and courses brochure

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