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Bat evening

12 August 2014, 6.30pm to 9.30pm

This course offers a wonderful opportunity to experience Wakehurst at dusk and to explore the fascinating lifestyles of many of our native bats.

Event details: 
Tutors: James Pumfrey and Jenny Clark

Maximum capacity 15 places

A tree of bats at Wakehurst

A tree of bats at Wakehurst

The evening will begin with a very special indoor introduction to some live rescue bats before venturing out into the gardens and woodland on ‘bat patrol’ to learn how to identify the different species we encounter using ultra-sound bat detectors. We will also hunt for the varied and sometimes unusual places these endearing creatures choose for their roost sites.

N.B. Part of this evening will involve a fair amount of walking of a moderately strenuous level which will include some steep inclines. 

Booking: Booking essential as places are limited.

For further information, email or call 020 8332 5626.