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KS5 Biology: Taxonomy (classification and nomenclature)

Students take a practical approach to the principles of classification and the naming of plants using a wide variety of specimens including material from the Kew’s Herbarium. This workshop is designed to enhance curriculum delivery.
Dandelion plant and herbarium voucher

Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale) and its Herbarium specimen


Taxonomy can be a challenging topic to teach. Bring your class to Wakehurst where we can deliver your taxonomy learning outcomes in an engaging and practical way using materials from our world famous Herbarium.

Taxonomy is a half day session or part of a full day visit that is tailored to suit the needs of your group and planned in detail prior to the visit.

  • Length: Two hours.
  • Group size: 20 students maximum.
  • Minimum supervision required: one adult per ten students.
  • Programme cost: Part of a full- or half-day visit.

Choose to combine this workshop with another and make it a really useful day covering several aspects of your syllabus.

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Prices and FAQs

Learning outcomes

School visits at Wakehurst support and enhance the curriculum offered in schools and colleges. We aim to give students opportunities that are difficult or impossible to create in the school or college environment.

We design our sessions to match the learning outcomes in the National Curriculum and AL specifications.

Students will have the opportunity to:

  • understand the needs and processes of classification and the hierarchies involved in taxonomy
  • understand the development of classification from ancient times to modern systems of phylogeny
  • use observation skills to produce a data matrix and a dichotomous key
  • understand the importance of the binomial system
  • consider the role of taxonomy in the conservation of threatened species

Links with the Advanced Level curriculum

The specifications for exam boards vary. When you book a school visit at Wakehurst, let us know which exam board you are using and we will work with you to tailor the session for your students.

AQA - 3.4.5 Species and taxonomy
Biology A - 4.6   Biodiversity and Natural Resources
Biology B - 3.1. Classification
OCR  A - 4.2.2 Classification and evolution
OCR  B - 3.1.3  Evolution and Classification
IB - 5.3 Classification of biodiversity