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Key Stage 2 - Plant Eater

Pupils identify the parts of a plant using a variety of fruit and vegetables. Some pupils are surprised to discover that they do eat plants! They explore which plant parts are edible. At the end of the session they have the opportunity to use the plant material to create a picture.
Photo of children enjoying the plant eater workshop

Primary school students work out what part of a plant the fruit and vegetables they have been given are.


Pupils explore the parts of a plant using a variety of fruit and vegetables, discussing their functions.

Pupils work out what part of a plant the fruits and vegetables are from and sort them into groups that show which part of the plant they eat. Between May and October this workshop can take place in our Schools Vegetable Garden.

  • Length: approximately 45 minutes
  • Group size: 30 students (maximum)
  • Minimum supervision required1 adult per 8 students
  • Programme cost: Part of a full- or half-day visit. See our Prices and FAQs page for more information

Prices and FAQs

Learning outcomes

e design our sessions to match the learning outcomes in the National Curriculum. All our sessions have a cross-curricular approach and are tailored to suit the educational needs of your group. We aim to give pupils opportunities to work scientifically in areas that are difficult or impossible to create in the school environment.

This session offers pupils the opportunity to:

  • observe  the parts of a plant
  • discover that plants are a source of food
  • sort and classify fruit and vegetables to show which parts of a plant they eat
  • justify their decisions
  • record their findings photographically
  • identify the plants in the work of artist Arcimboldo
  • create artworks inspired by Arcimboldo

Curriculum links

Lower KS2
Year 3 – Plants

  • identify and describe the functions of different parts of flowering plants: roots, stem/trunk, leaves and flowers.