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Key Stage 1 - In the Potting Shed

Pupils find out about how plants grow from seeds and what is needed for this to happen. This workshop is done in the plant nursery with expert help. Students take their potted seeds back to school.
Potting seeds in the nursery at Wakehurst.


This activity takes place in the nursery with help from the conservation and propagation team. Pupils explore the potting shed and identify common equipment used. They find out what a seed needs to germinate and grow into a plant. The potted seeds are taken back to school where they can be observed and their growth recorded.

  • Length: approximately 45 minutes
  • Group size: 30 students (maximum).
  • Minimum supervision required: 1 adult per 5 students.
  • Programme cost: Part of a full or half day visit. See our Prices and FAQ page for more information.

Prices and FAQs

Learning outcomes

We design our sessions to match the learning outcomes in the National Curriculum. All our sessions have a cross-curricular approach and are tailored to suit the educational needs of your group. We aim to give pupils opportunities to work scientifically in areas that are difficult or impossible to create in the school environment.

This session offers pupils the opportunity to:

  • explore a working potting shed
  • observe closely a variety of seeds
  • understand what seeds and plants need to grow
  • plant a seed
  • identify different parts of a plant

Curriculum links

This KS1 visit supports and enhances the Science curriculum offered in schools.

Year 2 Plants

  • observe and describe how seeds and bulbs grow into mature plants
  • find out and describe how plants need water, light and a suitable temperature to grow and stay healthy