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Group visits to Wakehurst

Bring your group to Wakehurst — 340 acres of country estate in the High Weald of Sussex. You'll find everything from an Elizabethan mansion, wetlands, woodlands and a nature reserve, as well as the Millennium Seed Bank where seeds are being stored to help secure the planet's future.
The Iris Dell at Wakehurst
The Iris Garden in the slips at Wakehurst

Group visits to Wakehurst

For groups of 10 or more visitors save money by booking as a group and in advance.

Group visit prices


Enhance your group booking with a guided tour

Enhance your group’s visit to Wakehurst by booking a guided walking tour with one of our team of volunteer guides.

Enhance your group visit with a guided tour


Ten things to do on your visit

  1. Watch science in action at the Millennium Seed Bank
  2. Enjoy local produce at The Stables restaurant
  3. Witness recycling on a massive scale at Compost Corner
  4. See magnificent seasonal displays in the gardens throughout the year
  5. Walk the woodlands of the world, with trees from every temperate region
  6. Come in late April or early May and be dazzled by the glorious swathes of bluebells in our woodlands
  7. Find the rare wollemi pine, which can be traced back to the time of the dinosaurs
  8. See Wakehurst's four national plant collections: hypericum, birch, southern beech and skimmia
  9. Find out how we make our own charcoal, and buy some for your barbeque
  10. Take a guided tour around the estate to learn more about our mission

Discover more in our Wakehurst group visits brochure