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Vistas and landscapes

Stroll down Wakehurst's magnificent vistas and take the long view.

Bluebells in Bloomers Valley at Wakehurst
Bloomers Valley is an open sweep of countryside running between Coates and Horsebridge Woods, with the Rock Walk running along its southern fringe.
Coates Wood
Named after Wakehurst's former head gardener Alfred Coates, Coates Wood opened to the public in 1977.
Himalayan Glade
The Himalayan Glade lies in a deep cleft on the north side of the Westwood Valley.
Horsebridge Wood
This wood is a walk through North America - trees from across the continent sit alongside each other, including the impressive giant redwood.
Westwood Valley
The Westwood Valley, a steep ravine running from the Water Gardens to Westwood Lake, is home to Wakehurst's collecton of Asian plants.