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Museums, galleries and historic buildings

Besides the flora and fauna of Wakehurst there are a number of fascinating buildings including the Edwardian mansion with its rich history, and the Millennium Seed Bank, hub of global plant conservation efforts.

Wakehurst stables and gallery
As far back as 1205, William de Wakehurst purchased 40 acres of land, which stayed in his family down the generations.
Photo of the Millennium Seed Bank
When Prince Charles opened the Millennium Seed Bank in 2000 he described it as 'a gold reserve ... a place where this reserve currency, in this case life itself, is stored'.
Visitors in the Millennium Seed Bank Exhibition
This exhibition explains why plants are essential to our existence and what the Millennium Seed Bank is doing to preserve them.
The Mansion at Wakehurst
The present mansion was built in 1590 by Sir Edward Culpeper - a distant relative of Nicholas, the famous herbalist.