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Wakehurst isn’t just for gardeners. You can entertain children all day long with family-friendly activities for kids of all ages.

Adventurous Journeys outdoor play spaces

Pick up a passport from the visitor centre and start your journey around our gardens. Look for the bronze seed capsule hidden at each play space and read the plant hunter story on the information board. There's a challenge to try at each stop.

Fill in the passport as you go and be sure to end your journey at the Millennium Seed Bank so that you can check your answers.


Talking Totems

The totem poles and acoustic chair were designed and made by local chainsaw carvers. Tap them to hear the different sounds they make. 

Plant hunter challenge: Tap out a message to someone in your group on our musical totems. Will you get a response?



Time to spy! Venture up one of the climbing poles to see if you can spot any hidden creatures.

Plant hunter challenge: Look through the spy holes... what does your eye spy?



Tunnels & Tents

Our living, woven willow structures were designed by a local basket weaver and willow artist. Adventure through them, run around them, sit in them...whatever you want!
Plant hunter challenge: Sit in the willow tents to plan your own Adventurous Journey around the gardens. Use your visitor map to help you.

Scents of Direction

Our scented spiral is a glorious mix of scents, colours and textures (during the growing season).
Plant hunter challenge: Using your fingers to feel with and your nose to smell with, can you find the bronze seed capsule?


Unexpected Endings

This amazing labyrinth is almost 600 metres long from its start to its centre. Made from turf and local brick, the labyrinth is based on the special sequence of numbers found in nature that creates natural spirals (the Fibonacci series). 

Plant hunter challenge: Guess how many turns it will take you to reach the seed centre. 

Trunk Hopping

Jump from log to log and take the global languages challenge.

Plant hunter challenge: Journey along the trunks. Can you match the different words for ‘partners’ with their country? Check your answers on the ‘stories behind’ board.




Root Route

Balance your way along the beams in the woods.

Plant hunter challenge: Imagine that the grass is will you get to the seed capsule?



Time Travel

Our finger labyrinth is a mini version of Unexpected Endings and takes you on a mini journey through time. 

Plant hunter challenge: Use your finger to travel back in time to when this oak tree was a seedling.


Treetrunk Trek 

An adventurous play space deep in the woods.



Our Adventurous Journeys play spaces are located throughout the gardens. Find their locations on the Wakehurst visitor map.

For lots more helpful and practical information, visit our 'Exploring Wakehurst with children' page.