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Attractions at Wakehurst

  • Layers of spring colour at Wakehurst
    Spring at Wakehurst Celebrate spring colour at our Bluebells and Brimstones festival
  • Child running in willow arches at Wakehurst in the children's play area
    Play time Fun for children in the maze, carvings and willow tunnels of the natural play area
  • Loder Valley Nature Reserve at Wakehust
    Vistas and landscapes Rolling hills and plunging valleys make for beautiful scenery at every turn
  • Wildlife in the Loder Valley Nature Reserve at Wakehurst
    Loder Valley Nature Reserve Watch the wildlife in the woodlands, wetlands and meadows of the Loder Valley Nature Reserve
  • Photo of the entrance to the Millennium Seed Bank
    Millennium Seed Bank Learn how scientists at Wakehurst are protecting the world's plants from extinction in this fascinating building

Explore the many attractions there are to see and do at Wakehurst; from the National Birch Collection in Bethlehem Wood to the Southern Hemisphere Garden, the wetlands and the wildlife. Find your favourites in the list below.

Attractions A-Z

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Bluebells in Bloomers Valley at Wakehurst
Bloomer's Valley is an open sweep of countryside running between Coates' and Horsebridge Woods, with the Rock Walk running along its southern fringe.
Coates Wood
Named after Wakehurst's former head gardener Alfred Coates, Coates Wood opened to the public in 1977.
Tractor working in Compost Corner at Wakehurst
Peat bogs are important habitats and valuable stores of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide.
Exterior of Seeboard field study centre
The SEEBOARD Field Study Centre stands at the back of the meadow close to the entrance of the Loder Valley Nature Reserve.
Himalayan Glade
The Himalayan Glade lies in a deep cleft on the north side of the Westwood Valley.
Horsebridge Wood
This wood is a walk through North America - trees from across the continent sit alongside each other, including the impressive giant redwood.
Bluebells in the Loder Valley Reserve
Opened in 1980, the focus of the Loder Valley Nature Reserve is on conservation of the plants and animals of the High Weald of Sussex.
Wakehurst Mansion and pond with spring border
The pond lies a short way southeast of the Mansion, reflecting the 400-year old sandstone building.
Wakehurst stables and gallery
As far back as 1205, William de Wakehurst purchased 40 acres of land, which stayed in his family down the generations.
Photo of the Millennium Seed Bank
When Prince Charles opened the Millennium Seed Bank in 2000 he described it as 'a gold reserve ... a place where this reserve currency, in this case life itself, is stored'.

Showing 1 - 10 of 29 results


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