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IncrEdibles 2013

Cartoon animation banner of plants and fungi

IncrEdibles 2013

May – November 2013 (this festival has ended)

Kew's IncrEdibles festival took place in 2013 and took visitors on a voyage through the fascinating world of edible plants. The festival featured a range of attractions, activities and artistic installations. The festival was split into two parts; the summer phase running from May to September, and the autumn phase running from September to early November.

The Tutti Frutti Boating Experience with Bompas & Parr


Tutti Frutti Boating Experience on the Palm House Pond
The Tutti Frutti Boating Experience

Bompas & Parr transformed Kew's Palm House Pond into a giant fruit salad boating lake with a floating pineapple island as its centrepiece - a symbol of Kew’s extensive bromeliad collection.

The Tutti Frutti Boating Experience provided visitors with a rare opportunity to row around the iconic Palm House pond.


Other attractions included:

  • Tom Hare's Fungi Fairy Ring - 21 giant woven willow scultpures.
  • The Global Kitchen Garden - showcasing over 90 edible plants from every corner of the globe.
  • The Rose Garden Tea Party - a beautiful display of edible plants growing out of plates, cups, teapots, jugs and platters.
  • The Tropical Larder - where visitors learned just how many of the everyday foods we eat have their roots in the rainforest.
  • The Vegetable Medley - a display of staple veggies, including aubergine, cabbage and Brussels sprouts.

IncrEdibles food

Throughout the festival, Peyton and Byrne cooked up an IncrEdibles storm using freshly foraged ingredients, some of which could be found growing in the Gardens.