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Concert information

Ticket types, concert timings and sign-up form for news and updates.

Ticket types

There are two types of ticket - general admission and reserved enclosure.

DateArtistTicket typeTicket prices
Tuesday 7 JulyPaloma FaithGeneral Admission
Reserved Enclosure
Wednesday 8 JulyCaro EmeraldGeneral Admission
Reserved Enclosure
Thursday 9 JulyTBCGeneral Admission
Reserved Enclosure
Friday 10 JulyJools HollandGeneral Admission
Reserved Enclosure
Saturday 11 JulyUB40 featuring
Ali - Asto - Mickey
General Admission
Reserved Enclosure
Sunday 12 JulySpecialsGeneral Admission
Reserved Enclosure


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We reserve the right to offer ticket discounts/promotions at our discretion.
No refunds can be made for completed purchases or transactions retrospectively.

General ticket information

  • General admission – unreserved area for picnicking. You are welcome to bring folding chairs, but in the front central section of the arena we ask that patrons use picnic rugs only, so as not to obscure the view of those further back.
  • Reserved enclosure – a limited number of spaces are available within a reserved enclosure, positioned at the front on the side of the arena. Please note that we do not provide chairs, rugs, tables or food with this ticket. You may bring your own folding chairs and either bring a picnic or purchase one at the concert

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At the concert

  • No seating is provided so please bring your own picnic rugs or folding chairs. There is a 'picnic blanket only' section in the front central section of the arena – please observe this so as not to obstruct the views of others and show consideration to your fellow picnickers.
  • If you have tickets for the reserved enclosure, please note there is no seating provided. The diagram of the arena layout shows the location of the reserved enclosure.
  • As this is an open-air concert, please dress accordingly. Please be considerate to your fellow concert-goers if inclement weather requires the use of umbrellas.
  • Any decision to cancel the concert due to bad weather will be taken at the advertised starting time. No refund will be made if a concert starts, but is later abandoned.
  • Please note that we provide anti-bacterial gel in our mobile toilet facilities.
  • For safety reasons, no naked flames (eg barbecues, candles, night lights, flares and lanterns) are allowed. Picnic tables, gazebos and tents are also not permitted.
  • As requested by the performers, videos and recording devices of any sort are not permitted.
  • As per our ticket terms & conditions, we would like to remind you that as a ticket holder you are consenting to photography and filming by Kew that may be used for promotional purposes.
  • We strongly encourage guests to recycle their glass at each concert using the recycling facilities provided. Please look out for our recycling team in the green vests who will be happy to assist you.
  • Please leave quietly at the end of the concert out of consideration to our neighbours, and place all litter in the bins provided on the way out.

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