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Intoxication Season: 20 September 12 October

The Intoxication Season

Until Sunday 12 October 2014.

From everyday to Class A, mind-altering plants and fungi arrive at Kew this autumn.

Explore the secret history behind intoxicating plants and fungi. From the controversial opium poppy to our much-loved everyday cup of coffee, Kew's expert plant scientists will demonstrate how mind-altering plants can be both medicines and intoxicants.

With activities, workshops, tours and fascinating talks, the season will highlight just how powerful plant chemicals can be. Each weekend will focus on a well-known mind-altering plant, featuring in turn: alcohol,cannabis, coffee and magic mushrooms with guest speakers including Professor David Nutt and Kew’s Professor Simmonds.

Throughout the season foodsmiths Bompas and Parr will be hosting a unique workshop: the 'Plant Connoisseurs’ Club' in Kew's Secluded Garden Glasshouse. The club will explore unfamiliar, yet culturally significant plants. Willing participants will be able try an unusual plant. 

When you visit Intoxication Season at Kew, remember to share your experience on Twitter using #IntoxicatedbyKew for your chance to win a year's membership in our competition


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