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Full of Spice Summer Festival 2015

Full of Spice at Kew Lates event promotional artwork

23 May - 6 September 2015 - This festival has now finished.  Visit our what's on page for our latest events calendar.

Find out what took place during the Kew Gardens Full of Spice Festival

Music by Kuljit Bhamra produced by Serious 

We don’t think twice about the peppermill on our dining table or the vanilla in our ice-cream, but the power of some plants to colour, flavour and preserve, makes them worth more than their weight in gold. 

In summer 2015, Kew was Full of Spice as it explored the botanical origins of these mystical goods at our Spicy Summer Festival.

The Full of Spice event programme included:

The Spice Exchange

Drop-in sessions throughout the festival offering a series of entertaining stories about the early spice traders and the routes they took to bring spices to the West. 

Close up of popular spices - full of spice 2015

Spice Mix Super-Computer 2.0

Where you could combine spices using our Super-Computer to create your own personal blend and take it home.

Spice mix super computer holding image

Giant spices

A chance to look inside and get up-close-and-personal with our giant inflatable spices which incuded ginger, garlic and chilli!

Spice up your life: hands-on sessions

Hands-on sessions to discover what parts of plants are used as spices around the world.

Rangoli workshops

A chance for the whole family to get involved by helping to create beautiful large-scale folk art.

Strictly spice

A dance troupe telling the history of spices through song and dance.

Full of Spice tours

Guided tours giving a fascinating look at Kew's spicy plants showing how spices grow and how they get from the garden to the kitchen.

Ginger (Zingiber) on the Chinese medicinal trail


A rickshaw ride taking a journey of discovery through the world of spices at Kew.

Full of Spice mocked up image of rickshaw ride

Gin Garden

A pop-up bar selling refreshing spice-inspired No.3 London Dry Gin cocktails.

Dough kitchen

Making and sampling spiced breads.

Bowl of spices - full of spice 2015

Kew Cabinet of Curiosities

The journey of spices told through objects from Kew’s Economic Botany Collection.

Meeting Kew's experts

Kew's friendly experts telling tales of plants, expeditions and experiments.

Discover Kew - Spice Stories

Discover Kew mobile app telling the stories behind some of our most popular spices.

Piper nigrum (black pepper) painting

Spicy Sunday music sessions

An afternoon of music and fun at the Spice Exchange.

Enjoying icecream and rose wine

Star plants

Fascinating facts about the lives of some of our favourite spices.

Green Chillies growing in the Waterlily House