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Elvis Costello

16 July 2014, 7.30pm to 10.30pm

Support: MacManus Brothers
The legendary singer/songwriter drew upon 35 years of back catalogue in his much-lauded show.


Kew Gardens

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Elvis Costello performed a new show at Kew the Music 2014

Elvis Costello is performing his new solo show at Kew the Music 2014.

Named as one of Rolling Stone’s top 100 greatest artists of all time and inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame, Elvis Costello’s styles transcend musical genres. His 35 year-long career has seen him work with Tom Petty, Paul McCartney, Burt Bacharach and Jonny Cash, win a Grammy and a Bafta for film and TV work, write a classical ballet score, a chamber opera, and create and perform some of the best pop, jazz and country music of the last 35 years.

Elvis Costello performed the only London summer date of this new solo show here in southwest London where he grew up. He has once again broken the performing mould with a stripped-down show that demonstrates the raw beauty of the singer's back catalogue and was a must-see for any music fan.

Performances of the show in America over the past year have been met with reactions ranging from 'Mesmerizing' and 'Spellbinding' (OC Register) to 'Impassioned' and 'Breathtaking' (Arizona Republic) and the Washington Post said,‘Costello showed that real rockers don’t need a sound processor to rock out’.

See Elvis's American tour on youtube

Elvis Costello

Elvis Costello and the MacManus Brothers, Photo by Alex Asprey, Asprey Images

Plus support: MacManus Brothers

Joining Elvis Costello were very special guests, local band and brothers of Elvis Costello, the MacManus Brothers.

MacManus Brothers is made up of brothers Ronan and Ruairi MacManus. Born 16 months apart and raised in West London in a musical household, they started singing and playing music together at a very early age. Known for their beautiful vocal harmonies, melodic, energetic songs and passionate live performances, MacManus Brothers always deliver something special.

This was only the second time the MacManus Brothers shared a stage with their brother, Elvis Costello.


Additional support: Larkin Poe

Larkin Poe

Larkin Poe

They say madness runs in the family. They say the same about creativity and passion. That's good news for Larkin Poe's sister duo Rebecca and Megan Lovell. 'We have a very colourful family history,' explains lead singer/guitarist Rebecca, 23, who also plays mandolin and violin. 'There were a lot of creative, hot-headed, and intelligent branches that went against the grain in our family tree. Our paternal grandfather suffered from schizophrenia, while our great, great, great, great grandfather, Larkin Poe, was a Civil War wagon driver turned historian and a distant cousin to Edgar Allen Poe.'

They have toured and served as both opening and backing band to Elvis Costello, who describes them as ‘gifted instrumentalists’ .