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Björn Again

17 July 2014, 7.30pm to 10.30pm

Support: The Magnets
Long-time Kew crowd-pleaser, the Björn Again show returned for our 2014 summer picnic concerts. Created in 1988 in Melbourne as a rocked-up, light-hearted satirical ABBA spoof, the show rapidly achieved worldwide cult status.


Kew Gardens

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Björn Again - the Australian ABBA show

Thursday night was 70’s party night as Björn Again perform ABBA’s hits.

Benny Andersson has credited the Björn Again show with kick starting a revival in ABBA’s music that lead to hit movies and musicals and described it as 'the closest you will get to seeing ABBA play live’.  

Björn Again the Australian ABBA Show has been performing for over 26 years and has clocked up an amazing total of nearly 5,000 shows in 70 countries with performances alongside stars such as Kylie Minogue, Metallica, the Spice Girls, Nirvana and Cher. Their first performance at Kew was back in 2001 and since that time the show has returned to Kew Gardens regularly as part of the summer concerts series, always to a highly appreciative and excitable audience!

Björn Again - the Australian ABBA show

'Björn Again being named after me? It’s pretty cool. Whenever I have to call people back I say "It’s Björn again". Benny hasn’t said he’s jealous but I bet he is!' Björn Ulvaeus (Metro).

Plus support: The Magnets

The Magnets are a cappella stars, making great music simply with their mouths. Combining glorious harmonies, virtuosi beatboxing and a very British charm, they have become a must-see act on the international music scene.

'The Magnets are one of the most phenomenal things you will ever see or hear in your life.' – Express and Star (Birmingham, UK) 'A sonic phenomenon you have to see and hear to believe.' – The Guardian

Ben Montague

Ben Motangue

Additional support: Ben Montague

Turn on the Radio and you will never be far away from hearing Ben Montague. He is undoubtedly one of the most talented singer-songwriters in the UK at present and, since he burst onto the scene in late 2010 with his debut single Can’t Hold Me Down, he has rarely left the airwaves and has regularly been touring.

Enjoy some video tasters

Don’t miss this chance to get down with Björn Again to classic ABBA tracks like Dancing Queen in the magical surroundings of Kew. Here’s a taster of their live show.

Watch The Magnets' impromptu, high-altitude set.