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Bill Bailey

20 July 2014, 7.30pm to 10.30pm

Support: Chas & Dave
Bill Bailey is a master of many things: virtuoso multi-instrumentalist, stand-up comedian, actor, television presenter and owl-champion.


Kew Gardens

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Photo of Bill Bailey

Bill Bailey, multi-instrumentalist, stand-up comedian and actor will be at Kew the Music, 2014.

'I’m always writing new stuff and there will be new elements in the Qualmpeddler show at Kew, because I’m constantly adapting it.'  Bill Bailey in Kew Magazine

Musician, comedian, conservationist, namesake of carnivorous plant and regular Kew Gardens visitor, Bill Bailey will headlining the Kew the Music stage this summer. 

Following his hugely popular and critically acclaimed Qualmpeddler tour last year, we are delighted to announce that Bill Bailey, described as ‘Comedy’s Mozart’ by The Sunday Times, will be bringing his hit one man show for a special one-off performance at Kew Gardens.

Expect musical mash ups (check the video below for Dub Step Downton Abbey) along with funny stories, music and wit based on Bill’s reactions to the modern world.

With a show set in gardens so rich in Bill's passions who knows where his music and comedy might take him on the night!

See a video sampler

Here's a taster of what you can expect from Bill's brilliant show.

Plus support: Chas & Dave

Black and white photo of Chas & Dave

Chas & Dave

Legendary London cockney rockers, Chas & Dave, will be supporting Bill Bailey here at Kew the Music on 20 July,

Feted by the Libertines, covered by Tori Amos and Tom Jones and with performances with Jerry Lee Lewis and Gene Vincent under their belts, Chas & Dave have had a 50-year career that has spanned all the eras of pop music.

They are consistently delighting audiences young and old with their mix of vintage rock & roll songs and renditions of their own 'rockney' classics.

Chas & Dave are great musicians and know how to give an audience a good time and will bring their undisputable talent and London charm to Kew Gardens.

Fiona Bevan

Fiona Bevan

Additional support: Fiona Bevan

Bevan describes her debut album as 'pop in disguise', and the dozen, dynamic songs have  hooks, harmonies and melodies that linger from first listen, but are defiantly timeless and purposely hard to pin down.

Bevan plays guitar, violin, double bass, accordion and harp and even adds the occasional whistle of birdsong. Holding everything together is her extraordinary, sweet voice, as unique and distinctive as her mop of peroxide curls.