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Foundation Stage - Tropical rainforest experience activity tour

In this session, Early Years school students are taken on a multi-sensory journey through the rainforest.

School children learning at Kew Gardens

Early Years students discover the function of drip tips on rainforest plants.


Students explore the sights and smells of the amazing variety of rainforest plants growing in Kew's own indoor rainforest, located in the historic Palm House.

  • Length: 45 minutes.
  • Group size: 15 students.
  • Minimum supervision required: 1 adult per 2 students.
  • Programme cost: See our Prices and FAQs page for more information.

Prices and FAQs

Learning outcomes

School visits at Kew Gardens support and enhance the curriculum offered in schools. We aim to give students opportunities that are difficult or impossible to create in the school environment.

The learning outcomes shown apply to the curriculum as it is at this time. This session offers students the opportunity to learn to:

  • describe the conditions in a rainforest
  • compare and contrast the rainforest climate to a temperate climate
  • demonstrate an understanding of the biodiversity of rainforest plants by describing a variety of shapes, sizes and colours of plants that they’ve  encountered
  • describe at least one relationship between a plant and an animal or insect.

Links with EYFS Areas of Development and Learning (40-60+ months)

  1. Communication, language and literacy; Language for communication; Language for thinking.
    2.   Knowledge and understanding of the world; Exploration and investigation; Place.
    3.   Creative development; Being creative - Responding to experiences; Expressing and communicating ideas.
    4.   Personal, social and emotional development; Dispositions and attitudes; Making relationships.
    5.   Problem solving, Reasoning and numeracy; Shapes, space and measures.