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Key stage 5 and post-compulsory programme


scientist with petri dish

Our post-compulsory education programme at Kew Gardens is aimed at students engaged in Key Stage 5, diploma courses, and other programmes of further and continuing education. The Key stage 5 programme has been developed to meet the requirements of several exam boards.

These sessions are taught by our experienced and enthusiastic Kew teaching staff who will work with you to ensure that the focus of each session meets your specific needs.

Please note: We are currently in the process of redesigning all our programmes, with new science and geography focussed themes coming soon in early 2016.

Our aim

Our aim is to ensure that, through active participation, questioning and inquiry-based learning, we offer students opportunities to work scientifically in areas that are difficult or impossible to recreate in the school environment.


Many of our sessions are designed to enable learning progression in key topics through the student’s school life. 


To assess student’s progression, we use a mixture of peer discussion, open-ended questioning, shared experiences, predictions, investigating results and plenaries

Education sessions

Photo of Musa itinerans in the wild
In this session, post-compulsory students can learn more about the important relationships between plants and people. The duration of this session is 45 minutes.
Pond in Kew's conservation area
In this session, students work in Kew's Conservation Area to learn the rationale behind different field study techniques, and get the opportunity to practice these skills.
Carnivorous plants inside the Princess of Wales Conservatory
In this session, students learn about physiological adaptations which allow plants to survive in a variety of environments, including the various photosynthetic pathways (CAM, C3 and C4 pathways). Choose between the 45 minute activity tour and the 90 minute extended activity tour.
In this session, students study flowering plants to find out more about sexual and vegetative reproduction.
Photo of plants found in the rainforest at Kew Gardens
In these sessions, students learn about the human and physical geography of the tropical rainforest, whilst exploring Kew's historic Palm House. Choose between the 45 minute activity tour and the 90 minute activity tour and workshop.