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Key Stage 3 school visit programme

Close up of succulent
Education sessions at Kew Gardens are taught by experienced and enthusiastic Kew teaching staff.

Our aim

Our aim is to ensure that through active participation, questioning and inquiry-based learning we offer pupils opportunities to work scientifically in areas that are difficult or impossible to create in the school environment.


Many of our sessions are designed to enable learning progression in key topics through the student’s school life. 


To assess student’s progression, we use a mixture of peer discussion, open-ended questioning, shared experiences, predictions, investigating results and plenaries.

Education sessions

Photo of Youki's iris
What is a flower? Get to grips with the sexual life of plants and examine the fascinating world of flowers and their structures in Kew’s living laboratory.
Picture of a palm tree with hills covered in tropical forest in the background
Explore one of the most precious and diverse ecosystems on earth in the iconic Palm House at Kew.
Fruits and seeds of Rumex acetosa
What do exploders, parachutes, hitchhikers and takeaways all have in common? Investigate the fascinating world of seed dispersal at Kew.
Close up of succulent
Enhance your creative awareness of natural forms at Kew through site specific observations of plants and their structures.
Students studying plant life in a field
Investigate the ecology in Kew's conservation area and understand the relationships between plants, animals and the environment.
Hand holding wheat
80% of the global calorie intake comes from 12 crops, with 50% coming from wheat, maize and rice. What would happen if we lost one?
Cockleshell orchid flower
Take a journey around the globe from the steamy tropical rainforest to the arid deserts and temperate bogs, exploring the physiological adaptations which allow plants to survive in a variety of environments.
Photo of the bumblebee Bombus terrestris feeding on Rhododendron
What’s the relationship between pollinators, plants and human food security? Follow in the footsteps of Kew scientists to investigate some of the key challenges facing us today.
KSB banner rainforest2
Take an exploratory journey through the magnificent rainforest in Kew’s iconic Palm House and bring to life the importance of this diverse and precious ecosystem.