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Key Stage 1 school visit programme

girl with magnifying glass

School visits at Kew Gardens are taught by experienced and enthusiastic Kew teaching staff. 

Our aim

Our aim is to ensure that through active participation, questioning and exploratory learning we will inspire a sense of achievement, enjoyment and curiosity for the natural world.


Many of our sessions are designed to enable learning progression in key topics through the student’s school life. For example Plant Hunters at KS2, expands knowledge and experience gained in KS1 Plant Hunters. 


To assess student’s progression, we use a mixture of peer discussion, open-ended questioning, shared experiences, predictions, investigating results and plenaries.


Our tastes of Kew sessions run for 45 minutes and all other sessions are 90 minutes. 

From 23 February 2015 we are launching our exciting new programme with relevant topics and improved content linked to the new national curriculum.

Please note:

If your visit is before the 23 February 2015 please pick from our current programmes.

If your visit is after the 23 of February 2015 please choose from our range of new programmes.

Education sessions

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Leaves turning red

Immerse yourself in a world of colour, as you explore the magnificent plant and tree life of Kew Gardens through the seasons.

Children smelling flowers in the Palm House

Are you suited to living in the rainforest or desert? Find out the special ways plants survive in these two very different habitats.

Waterlilies in the Waterlilly House

Students are taken on a multi-sensory journey through the gardens or glasshouses to experience some of Kew’s most amazing plants.

Open traps of the Venus flytrap, seen from above

What connects carnivorous plants and minibeasts? Take a journey of discovery and investigate Kew’s more ‘unusual’ inhabitants.

Children making bark rubbings on a tree at Wakehurst

Allow students to develop confidence and mental fluency in number, measurement, shape and space in the natural environment.

girl with magnifying glass

Follow in the footsteps of Darwin and become a modern day plant hunter in the beauty of Kew’s diverse botanical gardens.

Fruits and seeds of Rumex acetosa

Become a ‘Kew Horticulturist’ and unlock the secrets of seeds, learn how plants grow from seeds and the factors needed for this to happen.

Spring crocuses in front of the Temperate House at Kew Gardens

Investigate the weather associated with the different seasons at Kew and its effects on plants.

Carnivorous plants inside the Princess of Wales Conservatory

In this session, primary school students are introduced to plants growing in a variety of habitats, from the hot and steamy tropical rainforest to the dry deserts.

Cones of Encephalartos altensteinii

In this session, primary school students use a range of materials to creatively explore the variety of shapes, sizes and colours in nature.

Showing 1 - 10 of 14 results