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Key Stage 1 school visit programme

School visits at Kew Gardens are taught by experienced and enthusiastic Kew teaching staff. The Key Stage 1 programme has been reviewed and updated to strengthen links to the New National Curriculum in 2014. Keep an eye out for our exciting new topics later this year. 

Our aim

Our aim is to ensure that through active participation, questioning and exploratory learning we will inspire a sense of achievement, enjoyment and curiosity for the natural world.

An activity tour runs for 45 minutes; an activity tour and workshop runs for 90 minutes.

Education sessions

Carnivorous plants inside the Princess of Wales Conservatory

In this session, primary school students are introduced to plants growing in a variety of habitats, from the hot and steamy tropical rainforest to the dry deserts.

Cones of Encephalartos altensteinii

In this session, primary school students use a range of materials to creatively explore the variety of shapes, sizes and colours in nature.

In this session, primary school students discover that plants are an important part of a healthy diet.

In this session, students use their sorting and counting skills to explore the variety of colours, shapes and sizes of plants in nature.

In these sessions, primary school students are introduced to plant life cycles and the factors necessary for plants to live and grow.

School children learning at Kew Gardens

In these sessions, students are taken on a multi-sensory journey through the rainforest.