Two Falling Spoons

Nash first sculpted spoons in 1998, inspired by the refectory at Tournus Abbey in France, where he was staging an exhibition. He has continued to explore this form since, especially when the truck and branches of a tree suggest this shape. This bronze was cast from an original made of charred oak.

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Image: Two Falling Spoons by David Nash

Two Falling Spoons in the Temperate House at Kew Gardens

Date and material

  • 2006
  • Bronze
Photo: Two Falling Spoons
The wood original of Two Falling Spoons (Photo by David Nash)

Domestic forms borrowed from nature

Many of the works in the Temperate House represent functional or domestic shapes – such as the throne, ladder, bowl and spoon.

The wood original of Two Falling Spoons was carved in Sussex in 1994. All one piece of wood, the two branches were in exactly the right place to form handles.

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