Two Clams

Two rings of oak of different volumes - both carved from the centre curving down to the edge.

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Two Clams at Kew Gardens

Two Clams (pictured upon table)

Date and material

  • 2012
  • Oak 

Making Two Clams

Two Clams was created using a simple process which produces objects with many associations. You can enjoy this work in the Shirley Sherwood Gallery of Botanical Art.

2 comments on 'Two Clams'

Suzanne Jones says

11/04/2013 1:16:58 PM | Report abuse

If clams can be said to have expressions in addition to just existing, these certainly do. I would love to have one of the smaller ones to make me feel cheerful on a bad day.

Lois Tonkin says

08/12/2012 7:05:17 PM | Report abuse

I like the way the sculpture reveals and celebrates the inherent beauty and sense of age and solidity of the oak and at the same time uses it to give a sense of the delicacy and fluidity of the membranes of a clam. And I love how two very different environments - the marine and the forest - get tangled together here.

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