Three Humps

Nash says of this work, ‘often, in the general maintaining and clearing up of my carving yard, pieces of wood come together by chance and suggest, even demand, to be carved as a group. Three Humps is such a piece.’

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Three Iron Humps by David Nash

Three Humps (2007) by David Nash, in the Gardens at Kew

Date and material

  • 2007
  • Bronze
  • Wood original: 2005, charred oak

1 comment on 'Three Humps'

kay rodriques says

18/08/2013 6:30:34 AM | Report abuse

Hey! Is this the same guy who did "Three Hills" at Djerassi in 2006? If yes, just wanted to know the meaning/purpose of that piece. Do you have an email address for this artist??? Thanks!

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