Temple of Imagination

The Temple of Imagination was originally created in 2006 to celebrate the restoration of Kew Palace, and is a collaborative project between Historic Royal Palaces, Kew Gardens, local community groups and artists.

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Temple of Imagination update

The Temple of Imagination, near to the Orangery at Kew

Inspired by the Chinese Pavilion, a small building built at Kew for Princess Augusta in 1762, the Temple of Imagination was originally created in 2006 to celebrate the restoration of Kew Palace. It is a small hexagonal structure with a pointed roof standing next to the White Peaks shop and cafe

An Enchanted Temple

We have re-designed the temple in a series of creative art workshops with our community partners and artists, and after two years of work the Temple of Imagination was re-opened in September 2010. It is located by Kew Palace, just outside the White Peaks shop.

Kew Gardens and Historic Royal Palaces are continuing their cooperation with local community groups, and the Temple of Imagination will be changing its looks again in the next five years to display garden-inspired imaginative artworks created together with our local communities and artists.

Community Engagement & Outreach at Kew Gardens

We work in partnership with community based organisations, groups and individuals to develop and deliver creative projects and events inspired by the Gardens. Our aim is to engage with wider and more diverse audience, to encourage sense of ownership and to increase participation and interaction. We try to reach out in particular to people who might face additional barriers when accessing heritage sites (physical, social, financial, educational).

Contact us for details:
Community Outreach Officer
telephone: +43 (0)20 8332 5696
email: j.haragalova@kew.org


Watch the video - Temple re-design 2010

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