Cube, Sphere, Pyramid

Nash describes the cube, sphere and pyramid as ‘universal forms’ that we naturally see in our environment. He has placed this bronze Cube, Sphere, Pyramid so that their black forms are reflected in the trunks of the surrounding tree ferns.

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Photo: Cube, Sphere, Pyramid by David Nash

Cube, Sphere, Pyramid in the Temperate House at Kew Gardens

Date and material

  • 2010
  • Bronze

Practical beauty

Nash curated these geometric shapes based on their structure and form in relation to each other and the surrounding organic forms of the tree ferns. These bronze sculptures are also positioned here among the tree ferns for practicality; this is a damp area and bronze can withstand the damp. The Temperate House provides perfect conditions for plants but these forces of nature can have an adverse impact on the wood sculpture in here.

Universal forms in nature

Squares, triangles and circles are the underlying, universal shapes and forms of nature - Nash often observes them in the hills and slate tips of his surroundings in Wales. The sphere has a rounded, turning feel, the cube has stability and the pyramid is dynamic.

'For over thirty years, I have lived at the foot of one of Blaenau Ffestiniog's slate tips, formed from unusable slate from the workings... the structure of the tip is one of horizontal and diagonal lines,' Nash explains. 'My work involves geometric cuts into the natural form of the wood and I think that these geometrical forms have grown in me while I have lived among these slate tips.'

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