Brentford Gate

The present entry point for Brentford Gate opened in 1847. It has a pair of simple cast iron gates supported on Portland stone pillars.

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Brentford Gate

The area around the Brentford Gate

Did you know?

  • Brentford may have been the location at which Julius Caesar crossed the Thames when he invaded Britain in 54BC
  • In 1016, Edmund II (also named Edmund Ironside) defeated the Viking warrior Canute at Brentford Ford

Historical information

At the time of opening in 1847, anyone crossing Kew Bridge had to pay a toll, so many visitors opted to take the ferry across the Thames from Brentford or Isleworth instead. After the toll was abolished in 1873 the number of visitors using the Brentford Gate fell.

Although the cross-river ferry operators have long gone, the Brentford Gate continues to serve visitors arriving from the Thames Path or Kew pier.

A riverboat service presently operates from April to October between Westminster and Kew, travelling on to Richmond and Hampton Court. Meanwhile, the Thames Landscape Strategy, a partnership of local authorities and organisations including Kew, is considering re-establishing a ferry between Brentford and Kew.

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