Black Dome

David Nash has made several Black Dome sculptures in his career, but most have been site-specific. This is the first 'travelling' Black Dome.

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Date and material

  • 2009
  • Charred oak
Slate tips in North Wales
Slate tips in North Wales (Photo by David Nash)

Building a dome

Made of 70 pieces of charred oak, this dome echoes the slate tips surrounding Nash's home in Wales. Each piece is crudely carved with chainsaws and placed to produce layers of different heights. Nash always considers how sculpture occupies or shares space. Here he uses 'looseness to make quite a tight form. Each piece is really like a microcosm of the whole form.'

Black Dome at Yorkshire Sculpture Park
Black Dome at Yorkshire Sculpture Park (Photo by Jonty Wilde, courtesty of David Nash)

A travelling sculpture

Black Dome was originally made to sit on the terraced lawn of Blackwell House in Cumbria and was displayed on a bed of slate; here it is displayed on a bed of coal. It has also been shown at Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

One of Nash's previous Black Dome sculptures was made from 900 charred larch logs to remain in the Forest of Dean. It was intended to change and decay, and was designed to give itself back to the Earth.

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