Behind the scenes at Kew

Find out what goes on in our science laboratories, nurseries, Library and world-famous Herbarium.


Arboretum Nursery

The Arboretum Nursery is where temperate woody plants are sown, grown on and looked after behind the scenes.


Inside the Herbarium

Herbarium, Library, Art and Archives

The present Herbarium, Library, Art and Archives are housed in the much expanded Hunter House, a grade II listed building, located just outside Kew's Main Gate.


Inside the Jodrell laboratory

Jodrell Laboratory

Kew’s first Jodrell Laboratory was built in 1877. It was named after Mr T.J. Phillips Jodrell, who provided the £1,500 needed to construct and equip it.


Sir Joseph Banks Building

Joseph Banks Building

Located next to the River Thames close to Kew Palace, the Sir Joseph Banks Centre for Economic Botany was built in 1985 under the Directorship of Professor E A Bell.

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Library, art and archives

When William Jackson Hooker took up the post of Kew Director in 1841 there was no official library. In 1852, the ground floor of Hunter House (at the front of the present complex of Herbarium and Library buildings) was made available for one to be formed.


Stable Yard

Stable Yard

The Stable Yard is the base for the horticultural and arboricultural management of the Gardens.


Photo of plants being watered in the Tropical Nursery

Tropical Nursery

Beyond a pair of wrought iron gates near Kew Palace lies the Tropical Nursery. This is where Kew holds its reserve scientific collections and cultivates plants for use in displays within the Palm House, Temperate House, Waterlily House and Princess of Wales conservatories.

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