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Spring at Kew Gardens

Witness awakening beauty at Kew. Thousands of spring colours, two magical months, one place to see them.

Spring sees layers of colour spread across the Gardens. As wildlife returns and trees and flowers come alive, it's an enchanting time to visit Kew, with a photo opportunity at every turn.

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Looking good now

Planning to visit this week? Here is the top pick of spring bulbs currently in flower at Kew.


Cherry Walk. Spring.
Cherry Walk

Don't miss the stunning Cherry Walk now in bloom. It runs from the Rose Garden behind the Palm House to King William’s Temple, and then on to the Temperate House.

Cherry Walk

A close up of a magnolia at Kew Gardens

Magnolias - Beautiful magnolias are already starting to bloom at Kew. You can find over 250 types of magnolias across the Gardens. Right now, visit them near the Elizabeth Gate entrance, Victoria Gate, and near the Kew Gardens Gallery.

Victoria Gate


Bright pink spring magnolia buds

Camellias - Several varieties of camellia are in flower across the Gardens and can be found along the path from Victoria Gate to the Shirley Sherwood Gallery. 

Shirley Sherwood


Davies Alpine House

Exotic bulbs

Visit the Davies Alpine house, which has changing displays of unusual and exotic bulbs between March and May. 

Davies Alpine House

Spring comes alive at Kew

Watch what happens as spring takes over 

What's on at Kew this spring

Choosing the correct plant for your growing conditions at the Plant finders fair
Plant Finder's Fair

24 - 26 April 2015

A must for garden enthusiasts, the Plant Finder's Fair comes to Kew this April

Plant Finder's Fair


These are just some of the beautiful spring photos shared by visitors on Instagram. 


Visit Kew this week to see Kew coming alive with the colours of spring.


Spring past

Pretty white snowdrops growing in the Rock Garden
Snowdrops - Delicate snowdrops brave the cold to bring winter colour the Gardens. Visit the Rock Garden to see a lovely collection of snowdrops in flower through February and March.

Rock Garden


Close up of spring-time crocuses at Kew Gardens

Crocuses - Flowering in swathes across the grounds, the delicate crocuses bring colour back to Kew in the earliest days of spring. Visitors arriving at Victoria Gate are greeted by a sea of over two million Crocus vernus, which stretch beyond the Temple of Bellona and towards King William’s Temple. 

More about the crocus carpet


Glory of the snow

Later in spring, thousands of deep blue, starry-flowered Scilla forbesii carpet the lawns by White Peaks. These delicate alpine plants are known as ‘glory of the snow’ in western Turkey, as they emerge from the melting snow of the mountains. 

Glory of the Snow

Blue chinodoxa with the orangery in the background

Scilla forbesii (also known as Chionodoxa) A carpet of blue has bloomed on the lawn near White Peaks. The delicate blue flowers create a sea of colour and welcome spring to the grounds.

White peaks


Daffodils - The sunny glow of daffodils is starting to spread across the grounds. They're looking particularly good around the around White Peaks café and the Temple of Aeolus. 

Temple of Aeolus