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Spring at Kew Gardens

Every year we share hints and tips on the best things to see at Kew Gardens in spring.

April sees Kew Gardens in full spring bloom. Come and enjoy the stunning beauty of over five million bulbs including swathes of snowdrops, crocuses, and daffodils.

Crocus sea

Bulb map

Spring flowers March 2013

Look out for Kew’s spring flowering and plan your visit using

Kew's Bulb map

At Victoria Gate from mid-February you will be greeted by a sea of over two million blue, white, and mauve crocuses (Crocus vernus), which stretch beyond the Temple of Bellona and towards King William's Temple.

Daffodil promenade

Daffodils can be seen around the Temple of Aeolus and, as you stroll down the length of the Broad Walk, provide the perfect setting for a gentle amble on a spring day. You can also bathe in their glorious sunny glow (from March).

Magnificent magnolias

The 250 types of magnificent magnolias across the Gardens are a sight to behold in early April. The trees grouped together at Elizabeth Gate, with their large pink and white flowers, will stand out as a special highlight of your visit.

Spring walking tours

Spring crocuses at Kew Gardens

Our Spring Spectacular daily walking tours are free, celebrate the Gardens in all their seasonal glory with our guides. 

Walking tours

Exotic bulbs

For more unusual, exotic bulbs visit the Davies Alpine House, with its changing displays from March to May. For updates on what is on display, see the Alpine and Rock Garden team blog.

Alpine and Rock Garden team blog

The trees are alive

You will also be able to enjoy the sight of Kew’s trees as they awaken and burst with new life. The Cherry Walk is a popular highlight from mid-March.

Glory of the snow

Later in the season, thousands of deep-blue, starry-flowered Scilla forbesii carpet the lawns surrounding White Peaks. These delicate alpine plants are known as ‘glory of the snow’ in western Turkey, as they emerge from the melting snow of the mountains

Spring comes alive at Kew

We've captured our beautiful spring bulbs and trees bursting into bloom in this time-lapse video.

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