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Orangery restaurant – all day seasonal restaurant

Kew's historic Orangery Restaurant serves an all-day menu from English breakfasts to classic hot-pots at lunchtime alongside daily specials and cream teas in the afternoons.
Preparing food in the Orangery

Sample menus

Our self-service restaurant offers something for everyone, and the menus change daily. 


If you have any comments or suggestions about one of our eateries, please contact, 020 8332 5186.


Here is what you can expect (although please note that menus and prices are subject to change):



Hot counter 

Kew full English - maple bacon, Hepburn’s sausage, fried organic egg, roti, herb roasted tomato and mushroom  £10.50

Toast  £1.50

Homemade granola - ambient counter (v)  £4.95

Seasonal fruit with natural yoghurt - ambient counter (v)  £4.50

Freshly squeezed orange juice  £2.50

Pastries and cakes also available.                                                                                         



Hot counter 

Carrot & potato soup   £5.75

Minestrone & bacon soup   £4.75

Roast salmon, roast potatoes, summer greens & parsley sauce  £12.50

Bamford lamb chop  £12.50

Aubergine gratin  £9.50

Chicken curry with rice and naan bread  £9.80

Garlic bread with melted cheese  £3.50


Salads - ambient counter 

Tomato mozzarella £6.50 (small), £9.50 (large)

Chicken, bacon, baby gem, croutons, parmesan £6.50 (small), £9.50 (large)

Fennel, celery & smoked trout small  £9.00 (small), £9.50 (large)

Mixed coleslaw  £2.50

Green vegetable salad £6.50 (small), £9.50 (large)

Superfood salad £6.50 (small), £9.50 (large)


Quiche - ambient counter - any salad for £2.50 

Ham, leek & tomato  £4.50 (£7.00 with salad)

Broccoli, blue cheese & walnut  £4.50 (£7.00 with salad)

Poached salmon, cream cheese and dill  £4.50 (£7.00 with salad)


Fridge displays

Sliced fruit salad pots (v)  £3.50

Watermelon & cantaloupe/ Pineapple & coconut/ Kiwi & strawberry  £3.50

Fresh fruit salad   £3.50

Raspberry Greek yogurt pot/ Mango Greek yoghurt pot   £3.50

Raspberry and pistachio Bircher muesli (v)  £3.50

London honey, natural yogurt and nutty granola  £3.50

Chocolate pot  £2.60

Freshly pressed apple juice 250ml  £2.50

Freshly squeezed carrot, orange & ginger juice 250ml  £3.50

Freshly prepared carrot, beetroot & apple juice 250ml  £3.50

Tomato & mozzarella salad, asparagus & basil oil  £6.50

Hot smoked salmon, cucumber with dill yoghurt, watercress, baby mids £6.50

Kale, quinoa, edamame bean with hummus & falafel, chilli & lime dressing £6.50

Prawn Marie Rose with wheat-free bread  £6.50

Coronation chicken, mango chutney, shredded iceberg  £4.50

Brie, sundried tomato, pesto & rocket  £4.50

Prawn & crayfish, seafood sauce on multi grain bloomer   £4.50

Roast rare beef, horseradish, vine tomato, soft white roll  £4.50


Cake displays

Chelsea bun (classic or marmalade)  £2.50

Croissant  £2.50

Muffin - Apple Crumble  £3.50

Muffin - Blueberry/ Breakfast  £3.75

Scones/ Fruit scones  £2.75

Honey biscuit/ Jammy dodger biscuit/ Gingerbread man  £2.00 each

Chocolate & hazelnut/ Pecan and oatmeal cookie  £2.00 each

Carrot cake round  £4.00

Lemon & poppy seed cake round  £3.75

Gooey chocolate cake round (gluten-free)  £4.00

Bakewell tart/ Treacle tart £3.75

Orange & plum cake (individual)  £4.50

Honey & almond cake  £2.00

Coffee & walnut cake round   £4.00

Toffee apple loaf cake  £4.00


Please note that menus and prices are subject to change.


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