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Orangery restaurant – all day seasonal restaurant

Peyton and Byrne's Food From Kew centerpiece is the Orangery Restaurant. Serving an all-day menu from English breakfasts to classic hot-pots at lunchtime alongside daily specials and cream teas in the afternoons.
Preparing food in the Orangery

Sample menus

Our self-service restaurant offers something for everyone, and the menus change daily. 

Here is what you can expect (although please note that menus and prices are subject to change):



Hot counter (10am to 11.20am)

Kew full English - maple bacon, Hepburn’s sausage, fried organic egg, roti, herb roasted tomato and mushroom  £10.50

Toast  £1.50

Homemade granola - ambient counter (v)  £4.95

Seasonal fruit with natural yoghurt - ambient counter (v)  £4.50

Freshly squeezed orange juice  £2.50

Pastries and cakes also available.                                                                                         



Hot counter (11.30am to 3.30pm) (weekends roasts)

Carrot & potato soup   £5.75

Minestrone & bacon soup   £4.75

Roast salmon, roast potatoes, summer greens & parsley sauce  £12.50

Bamford lamb chop  £12.50

Aubergine gratin  £9.50

Chicken curry with rice and naan bread  £9.80

Garlic bread with melted cheese  £3.50


Salads - ambient counter (11.30am to 4.30pm)

Tomato mozzarella £6.50 (small), £9.50 (large)

Chicken, bacon, baby gem, croutons, parmesan £6.50 (small), £9.50 (large)

Fennel, celery & smoked trout small  £9.00 (small), £9.50 (large)

Mixed coleslaw  £2.50

Green vegetable salad £6.50 (small), £9.50 (large)

Superfood salad £6.50 (small), £9.50 (large)


Quiche - ambient counter - any salad for £2.50 (11.30am to 4.30pm)

Ham, leek & tomato  £4.50 (£7.00 with salad)

Broccoli, blue cheese & walnut  £4.50 (£7.00 with salad)

Poached salmon, cream cheese and dill  £4.50 (£7.00 with salad)


Fridge displays

Sliced fruit salad pots (v)  £3.50

Watermelon & cantaloupe/ Pineapple & coconut/ Kiwi & strawberry  £3.50

Fresh fruit salad   £3.50

Raspberry Greek yogurt pot/ Mango Greek yoghurt pot   £3.50

Raspberry and pistachio Bircher muesli (v)  £3.50

London honey, natural yogurt and nutty granola  £3.50

Chocolate pot  £2.60

Freshly pressed apple juice 250ml  £2.50

Freshly squeezed carrot, orange & ginger juice 250ml  £3.50

Freshly prepared carrot, beetroot & apple juice 250ml  £3.50

Tomato & mozzarella salad, asparagus & basil oil  £6.50

Hot smoked salmon, cucumber with dill yoghurt, watercress, baby mids £6.50

Kale, quinoa, edamame bean with hummus & falafel, chilli & lime dressing £6.50

Prawn Marie Rose with wheat-free bread  £6.50

Coronation chicken, mango chutney, shredded iceberg  £4.50

Brie, sundried tomato, pesto & rocket  £4.50

Prawn & crayfish, seafood sauce on multi grain bloomer   £4.50

Roast rare beef, horseradish, vine tomato, soft white roll  £4.50


Cake displays

Chelsea bun (classic or marmalade)  £2.50

Croissant  £2.50

Muffin - Apple Crumble  £3.50

Muffin - Blueberry/ Breakfast  £3.75

Scones/ Fruit scones  £2.75

Honey biscuit/ Jammy dodger biscuit/ Gingerbread man  £2.00 each

Chocolate & hazelnut/ Pecan and oatmeal cookie  £2.00 each

Carrot cake round  £4.00

Lemon & poppy seed cake round  £3.75

Gooey chocolate cake round (gluten-free)  £4.00

Bakewell tart/ Treacle tart £3.75

Orange & plum cake (individual)  £4.50

Honey & almond cake  £2.00

Coffee & walnut cake round   £4.00

Toffee apple loaf cake  £4.00


Please note that menus and prices are subject to change.


If you have any comments or suggestions for the Orangery restaurant, please send them to

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