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Kew Palace and the Royal Kitchens

Kew Palace and the Royal Kitchens, with a rich history spanning nearly 400 years, are open to visitors in the summer months.
Kew Palace

Please note: Kew Palace is now closed for winter.

A royal retreat

From its modest beginnings as the home to a rich Flemish merchant, through to the arrival of the royal family and the ‘madness' of King George III, step inside and explore this intimate and beautiful royal retreat.

The first royal residents were George II, his wife Queen Caroline and their ever-growing family. However, Kew Palace will always be associated with the ‘madness’ of George III. The palace was purchased by the Georgian King as an annex to the White House (which sadly no longer stands) to accommodate his expanding family, and somewhere for George III to be shut away during his infamous episodes of ‘madness’. Come and decide for yourself if the King really was mad.

The Royal Kitchens at Kew are open to visitors for the first time in over 200 years. Step back in time to 6 February 1789 when George III was given his knife and fork back after his first bout of ‘madness’.

Queen Charlotte's Cottage, built for George III's wife, Queen Charlotte, as a picnic retreat in a quiet part of Kew Gardens, is open to visitors at weekends and on Bank Holidays during the summer. Find it near the Conservation Area.

Visitor information

Kew Palace, the Royal Kitchens and Queen Charlotte's Cottage are open to visitors in the summer months.

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When you visit Kew Gardens, you can visit Kew Palace at no extra charge.

Venue hire

 Kew Palace and the Royal Kitchens are available to hire for weddings, corporate and private events. 

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