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Formal gardens

Wander through Kew's varied gardens, each specially planted and themed to give a different impression and a unique experience.

The Azalea Garden at Kew
Kew created its first Azalea Garden in 1882, on the site of a former American garden.
The Grass Garden
Kew has exhibited a living grass collection as far back as the early 19th century.
Japanese Landscape
Covering some 5,000 square metres, the Japanese Landscape was designed to complement the Japanese Gateway.
The Palm House Parterre
In 1848, when construction of the Palm House finished, William Andrews Nesfield created an intricate geometric pattern of beds, or parterre, to surround it.
The Queen's Garden
The Queen's Garden is a charming 17th-century-style garden situated behind the Dutch House (Kew Palace).

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