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For kids

Kew isn’t just for gardeners! Children can be entertained all day long with family-friendly activities — explore our attractions for kids of all ages.

Badger Sett
Become a badger in Kew's human-sized badger sett.
A beekeeper inspects a hive of bees in Kew's wildflower area
No English garden is complete without its bees, and Kew is no exception.
Children playing inside Climbers and Creepers
Climbers and Creepers is Britain's first interactive botanical play zone.
Gardeners at Kew on the compost heap
Kew's compost heap is one of the biggest non-commercial heaps in Europe.
Exterior of Kew's Evolution House
The Evolution House is now closed as part of the Temperate House restoration project.
Woman walking along a log at the log trail
Come and test your balance in Kew's natural play area, located among the trees in the conservation area.
Photo of turtle in the marine aqarium
The Marine Aquarium is housed in the basement of the Palm House, recreating four major marine habitats and emphasising the importance of marine plants.
Monkey puzzle tree at Kew Gardens
Archibald Menzies, a botanist and naval surgeon, brought the first five monkey puzzle saplings to the UK in 1795.
A large sculpture of a stag beetle
Kew's stag beetle loggery was created to provide a safe haven for stag beetles, which are globally endangered.
The Temple of Imagination
The Temple of Imagination was originally created in 2006 to celebrate the restoration of Kew Palace, and is a collaborative project between Historic Royal Palaces, Kew, local community groups and artists.
Children enjoying the outdoor play area at Kew Gardens
Suitable for kids aged from three to eleven, Treehouse Towers is Kew's tree-themed outdoor play area.

Kids' Kew: A Children's Guide

Featuring exciting things to see and do at all times of the year. Illustrated in full colour the guide contains a wealth of activities, facts and jokes, as well as a set of 40 stickers to add excitement to identifying some of the most interesting plants.