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Climbers and Creepers

Climbers and Creepers is Britain's first interactive botanical play zone.
Children playing inside Climbers and Creepers

Please note: Climbers and Creepers will be closed for 5 days from 15 to 19 June inclusive.  The t


In the summer of 2004, Kew's determination to make serious botany great fun for children was demonstrated with the opening of 'Climbers and Creepers'. Bringing a new use to an old cycad house by White Peaks, Climbers and Creepers engages children from around 3-9 years in the pleasures of learning more about plants and their relationships with animals and people.

As 'insects', children climb inside a plant to learn about pollination. Thrills come when they learn about the dangers insects face from carnivorous plants when they trap model flies with Venus fly traps or are themselves 'eaten' by a giant pitcher plant.

Climbers and creepers' is the ideal spot for families with young children. To keep the fun going at home there are games, stories and more things to learn with Climbers and Creepers online.

Visitor information

Climbers and Creepers is open all year round for families to drop in casually and school parties to visit on a more organised basis. 

Emergency assistance is available at the Help Point telephone located inside Climbers and Creepers to the right of the entrance. If using your own telephone please dial 020 8332 5121.

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