Kew videos - Behind the scenes

Explore the parts of Kew that visitors to the Gardens rarely get to see. Find out more about the science that goes on in our laboratories, our huge collections of plant artefacts, and join the Arboretum team to see how we keep Kew's trees in good health.

Plants in Crime: the mysterious torso in the Thames case

When the torso of a small boy was found in the Thames, one of the most gruesome crimes in recent British history appeared to offer few clues. Join Dr Hazel Wilkinson, from Kew’s Jodrell Laboratory, as she guides you through the steps of her investigation.

Science in action at Kew's Jodrell Laboratory

Professor Monique Simmonds of the Jodrell Laboratory heads the Kew Innovation Unit, which carries out research into the economic uses of plants and fungi, their potential as pharmaceutical and agrochemical leads, and as sources of sustainably-harvested products.

Tree surgery with the Arboricultural Unit at Kew Gardens

Follow Kew's experts as they look after the health of Kew's trees.

Timelapse constructing Tropical Extravaganza 2012

Watch timelapse photography of the staff at Kew planting out the exhibits in the Princess of Wales Conservatory, for Tropical Extravaganza 2012.

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