Kew videos - Behind the scenes

Explore the parts of Kew that visitors to the Gardens rarely get to see. Find out more about the science that goes on in our laboratories, our huge collections of plant artefacts, and join the Arboretum team to see how we keep Kew's trees in good health.

Beneath the surface of plants - wood anatomy

Get up close and personal with plant life. Delve beneath the surface and discover the hidden structures of plants in the anatomy laboratory at Kew Gardens.

The hidden treasures of economic botany

Kew is proud to host one of the world's leading economic botany collections. Dr Mark Nesbitt, Head of Kew's Economic Botany Collection, introduces some of the treasures that have come from all over the world. From the Amazon to Australia, China to Canada, these rare and amazing collections are now housed at Kew.

From the archive - Kew's World Garden (1941)

This wonderful film was recently found in the British Council archives. Made in 1941, the film explores Kew Gardens and the work taking place at the time. The camera takes you behind the scenes at Kew in the 1940s and glorious Technicolor shows off the beauty of flowers and their surroundings.

Discovering Kew's World Garden (1941)

Kew archivist Michele Losse talks about the discovery of Kew's World Garden in the British Council archive. Made in 1941, the film explores Kew Gardens and the work taking place at the time.

Beyond the Gardens - The Millennium Seed Bank Partnership

Discover more about the importance of plants to our lives and how the Millennium Seed Bank Partnership is helping to save wild plants and habitats for our future. Over the last ten years we have successfully banked 10% of the world's plant diversity. Seeds from deserts, to mountains, of all different shapes and sizes.

Beyond the Gardens - The Fungarium at Kew Gardens

The largest organism in the world is a mushroom that is over 1,000 years old, covering hundreds of acres in a forest in Oregon USA. All plants on Earth rely on fungi to live, and fungi out number plants six to one. Kew has the largest collection of dried fungi in the world, around 1.25 million specimens.

Plants in conservation: the man orchid

Professor Mike Fay, head of the Genetics section at the Jodrell Laboratory at Kew, shares one of his main interest areas – the application of genetic data to questions relating to conservation.

Micropropagation at Kew

Not all plants can be grown from seed and in this video we look at micropropagation and discover its important role in conservation.

Introducing The Plant List

As the 2010 United Nations International Year of Biodiversity comes to a close, the Missouri Botanical Garden and Kew announce the completion of The Plant List.

Using plants for your health at Kew

What are the plants that in the future might provide us with our food and medicines?

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