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Food crops from around the world

Enjoy flicking through our gallery of food crops and find out more about the plants you eat. Kew promotes a sustainable approach to agriculture where the natural world is valued, protected and integrated with farmed lands.

19 Jul 2013

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A short history of food crops

The domestication of wild plants for food began over 10,000 years ago in south east Asia. Today, there are around 7,000 species of food crop, but just 12 of these account for around 80% of our calorie intake. More surprisingly, the three major cereal crops, rice, wheat and maize, account for roughly 50% of our calorie intake.

Kew's work safeguarding the wild relatives of common crops offers a concrete step towards strengthening global food security for our future. Support Kew's work today and help us reduce the threats facing the world's food supply.

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