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Learning programme

Wakehurst runs a busy and successful learning programme for young people from nursery to sixth form. Our team of committed volunteers help Kew inspire young people with a passion for plants and the natural world.

Children making bark rubbings on a tree at Wakehurst

Learning at Wakehurst


Qualified teachers are backed by a team of committed learning volunteers who assist during teaching sessions and have the opportunity to take full responsibility for groups of students from time to time. The duties vary between about once per month in the winter and three to four times per month during the summer term.

Having indicated your availability one month ahead, volunteers are asked to help on particular days as part of a roster. Account is taken of individual preferences and abilities.

Sessions can take place in various parts of the Gardens, the Mansion House, Kew's Millennium Seed Bank and a dedicated laboratory. The content will vary between simple fun and A level standard tuition. A uniform is provided a soon as volunteers have completed their training successfully.

There are social and other events which are enjoyed by both staff and volunteers.

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