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Remember someone

  • commemorate bench
    Commemorative benches A unique way to commemorate the life of a loved one or to celebrate a special event
  • Sponsor a tree
    Sponsor a tree Sponsor an individual tree or woodland area at Kew Gardens or Wakehurst
  • Bulb display
    Sponsor a bulb display Celebrate the life of a loved one or remember a special anniversary by sponsoring one of our spectacular bulb displays
  • botanical art
    Sponsor a book or illustration Dedicate a book or illustration from one of the most important botanical reference sources in the world

We offer some wonderful ways for you to commemorate a life or celebrate a birthday, wedding, anniversary or special event. Your donation will help Kew and Wakehurst continue our work.

Our Gardens hold a special place in the hearts of many people, evoking memories of happy times shared with loved ones.

You can choose from sponsoring a display of flowering bulbs, a library book, an item of botanic art, or dedicating a heritage tree, woodland area or one of our popular benches.

For further information:

See all our commemorative gifts below.

Kew Gardens

Detail of a botanical illustration
Introducing Kew's collection of botanic art Sponsoring an individual item of botanic art is a unique way to celebrate a special birthday, anniversary or event or to commemorate the life of a loved one. Items start at £1...
Books in the Kew Library
Kew's Library, Art & Archives is one of the most important botanical reference sources in the world. This extensive collection contains more than seven and a half million items, including books, illustrations,...


Emmenopterys henryi leaves at Wakehurst
Introducing Wakehurst's trees Sponsoring an individual tree is a unique way to remember a special anniversary, celebrate a family event or commemorate the life of a loved one. Our range of trees start at £5,000, with...
Bluebells in Bethlehem Wood at Wakehurst in spring
The birches in Bethlehem Wood range from Britain’s common white-trunked silver birch (Betula pendula) through to species from China and North America. In early spring the ground is coloured yellow with primroses, then...