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Woodland Glade at Kew Gardens

Dedicating a woodland area is a unique way to celebrate the life of someone special. Every year we plant new botanical specimens to enrich and enhance the collections, creating remarkable woodlands that will live for generations to come. The Woodland Glade is on the northern side of Cedar Vista at Kew Gardens.
Woodland Glade at Kew Gardens
The Woodland Glade is sheltered by mature oaks, underplanted with shrubs for summer and late autumn colour.

In this part of Kew's Arboretum, oak, hornbeam and beech trees provide shade and protection for young maples. The underplanted shrubs, including rhododendrons, camellias, magnolias and choice plants like Calycanthus sinensis, provide colour in spring and summer.

A unique collection


Quercus robur leaves
English oak (Quercus robur) is one of many Quercus species in the Woodland Glade at Kew Gardens.
With winding paths and colour from shrubs throughout the year, the Woodland Glade is a peaceful area, with a variety of mature trees ranging from the English oak (Quercus robur) and sweet chestnut (Castanea sativa), through to the exotic princess tree (Paulownia coreana). Other oaks in the Glade include the black oak (Quercus velutina) and sawtooth oak (Quercus acutissima), with Quercus hartwissiana from Turkey and Bulgaria. Colour during the year varies from the blue flowering Brunnera macrophylla, the Siberian bugloss, and the grape-sized purple berries from the woody climber Sinofranchetia chinensis.


Sinofranchetia chinensis berries
The berries of Sinofranchetia chinensis

Kew staff have taken part in many collecting expeditions overseas including trips to South Korea (1982 and 1989), Chile (1985), China (1985 to 2003), Turkey (1989), Taiwan (1992) and Japan (1998).Look out for one of these collected plants, the Emmemopherys henryi collected from Youyang County in China. A member of the Rubiaceae family, it was described by collector Ernest H. Wilson as "one of the most strikingly beautiful trees of Chinese forests" back in 1907.

Nearby to the Woodland Glade is the Waterlily Pond, with its profusion of aquatic life as well as beautiful plants.

Dedicate a woodland area

Dedicating a woodland area will fund Kew's work in horticulture, and these woodland areas are available for a donation of £1000.

Your donation will be recorded with your personal dedication on the Commemorative Register at Kew Gardens, and you will receive a certificate thanking you for your gift.

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