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Redwood Grove at Kew Gardens

Dedicating a woodland area is a unique way to celebrate the life of someone special. Every year we plant new botanical specimens to enrich and enhance the collections, creating remarkable woodlands that will live for generations to come. The Redwood Grove is on the southern side of Cedar Vista at Kew Gardens.
Redwood Grove at Kew Gardens
The Redwood Grove at Kew Gardens is a mature woodland, planted around the 1860s.

A mix of coastal redwood (Sequoia sempervirens), introduced to Britain in 1843, and giant redwood (Sequoiadendron giganteum), introduced a decade later, were planted in the Gardens at Kew around the 1860s.

About Redwoods

The coastal redwood is the world’s tallest living species. Its range is now limited to Oregon and California on the West Coast of the USA. In 2006, one tree measuring 115 metres high was discovered in Redwood National Park, California. It is believed to be the world’s tallest living thing (as of October 2008). Named Hyperion, its location has been kept secret to protect the surrounding ecosystem.

A specimen of coastal redwood in the Redwood Grove is Kew’s tallest tree. It stands 39.3 metres high.

The giant redwood is a close relation of the coastal species. The world’s largest tree in the world by volume, it can live for up to 3,400 years. The largest living specimens live in its native California. King of them all is the tree called 'General Sherman'. It stands 84 metres high, and its trunk measures 31 metres in circumference at ground level. It is believed to be 3,200 years old.

The coastal and giant redwoods are similar in appearance; both have a vibrant rust-red bark. However, the giant redwood’s leaves are frond-like, while those of the coastal redwood are similar to yew leaves. An easy way to tell them apart is to punch their trunks. The giant redwood’s bark is spongy, while that of the coastal species is hard.

Dedicate a woodland area

Dedicating a woodland area will fund Kew's work in horticulture, and these woodland areas are available for a donation of £1,000.

There is also a range of heritage trees available for individual sponsorship at Kew Gardens, which start at £5,000.

Your donation will be recorded with your personal dedication on the Commemorative Register at Kew Gardens, and you will receive a certificate thanking you for your gift.

Make a dedication today